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Darkness is a harsh term, don't you think?

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One Day I'll Fly Away...

Me. Luisa. 23 years old. Italian. Physics' student & (aspiring) singer. Gemini. Green. White. Gray. Shy. Romantic. Dreamer. Lazy. Ambitious. Nostalgic. Melancholy. Moody. Afraid of the future. Indecisive. PC addicted. Pessimists. Peter Pan. Anti-spoiler. Artistic. Always busy. Confused. Contemplative. Curious. Determinated. Embarrassed. Nerdy. Earthquaked. Perfectionist. Control freak Planner. Twitter-LJ-YouTube addicted. Music Lover. Proud tumbler. Swiftie. Movies&TV shows junkie.

Love. Watching the Sky. Stars. Chocolate. TV. Spring. Autumn. Winter. Candies. Shops. Disney. I-pod. Friday. Planets. Universe. Physics. Numbers. Letters. FanFictions. Notes. Piano. Singing. Song. High-heeled shoes. Bags. Snow. Rain. Christmas. Cinema. Books. My room. My diary. LiveJournal. Mornings. PC. Icons. Black nails. Storms. Plasmon's Cookies. Guitar. UGGs. McDonald's Milkshake. Cookies. Holidays. YouTube. Videos. Presents.

Hate. Mirrors. Summer. Sun. Being late. Buses. Bugs. Heights. People. Being observed. Planes. Coffe. Screams. Spoilers. Waking up before 9 am. Christmas. Mobile Phone. Wind. Flu. Exams. Period. Cheaters. Parties. People who talk loud. Animal prints.

People. My Dad. My Mum. My sister. Il Branco. Nicole Kidman. Gandhi. M.L. King. Elizabeth I. Morgan. Tom Cruise. Jared Padaleki. Jensen Ackles. Alexis Bledel. Johnny Depp. Charlize Theron. Orlando Bloom. Naomi Watts. Ewan McGregor. Scarlett Johansson. Jake Gyllenhall. Natalie Porman. Adrien Brody. Audrey Hepburn. Anne Hathaway. Emilie De Ravin. Emmy Rossum. Evan Rachel Wood. Jessica Alba. Jude Law. Liv Tyler. Johnathan Rhys-Meyers. Shevchenko. Joaquin Phoenix. Cate Blanchett. Emma Watson. Josh Holloway. Tobey McGuire. Hayden Panettiere. Viggo Mortensen. Heath Ledger.

Movies. The Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. Gone With the Wind. The Phantom of the Opera. Madagascar. Ice Age. Spiderman. Ace Ventura The Chronicles of Narnia. Legally Blonde. Match Point. Brokeback Mountain. Walk The Line. Scoop. School Of Rock. Dreamgirls. Sister Act. Bridget Jones. Memories of a Geisha. Chicago. Breakfast at Tiffany's. Ratatouille. Juno. The Other Boleyn Girl. The Darjeeling Limited. Wall-E. Moulin Rouge. The Holiday. Pearl Harbour. Disney's cartoons (all of them). In Her Shoes. The Queen. Bewitched. The Notebook. Walk to Remember. King Kong. Wars of the Worlds. Munich. The Costant Gardener. Cold Mountain. The Day After Tomorrow. Mission: Impossible. The Da Vinci Code. The Bodyguard. X-Men. Pirates of the Caribbean. Devil Wears Prada. High School Musical. Happy Feet. Blood Diamond. Music & Lyrics. 300. Zodiac. The Jacket. Down With Love. 4 Months 3 Weeks 2 Days. Elizabeth. The Golden Compass. Ice Princess. Neverland. Hairspray. My Blueberry Nights. Indiana Jones. A Time for Dancing. Across the Universe. Woman In Lavander. The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Pretty Princess. Ballet Shoes. August Rush. (500) Days of Summer.

Music. Christina Aguilera. Whitney Houston. Mariah Carey. U2. R.E.M.. Celine Dion. Michael Bublè. Andrea Bocelli. Natalie Cole. Annie Lennox. Zucchero. Josh Groban. Leona Lewis. Beverly Craven. Beach Boys. The Who. Within Temptation. Evanescence. Nightwish. Lacuna Coil. Marco Mengoni. Matteo Becucci. Goo Goo Dolls. The Beatles. The Cranberries. Chopin. Debussy. Hanz Zimmer. John Williams. Marie Digby. AC/DC. Aretha Franklin. Bethany Joy Lenz. Carrie Underwood. Elisa. Elton John. Emmy Rossum. Enya. Frank Sinatra. Madonna. Mina. Noa. Spice Girls. The Corrs. The Pipettes. A Fine Frenzy. Taylor Swift. ABBA. Mario Biondi. Malika Ayane. Alexz Johnson. Michael Jackson. Lady Antebellum. Vienna Teng. Kate Voegele. Andrew Lloyd Webber. Danny Elfman. Howard Shore. Rachmaninov. (Notre Dame de Paris. The Phantom of the Opera. Cats. Jesus Christ Superstar. Les Miserables. West Side Story.)

TV Shows. Heroes. Lost. Supernatural. Smallville. Roswell. Desperate Housewives. C.S.I. Miami. C.S.I.: New York. Dr. House. Grey's Anatomy. Gilmore Girls. One Tree Hill. Dawson's Creek. Friends. Charmed. The O.C.. Merlin. Gossip Girl. Glee. The Big Bang Theory. Make it or Break it. The Vampire Diaries. X-Factor. American Idol. Amici. Ti lascio una canzone.

Ships (from tv-shows). Eden/Mohinder. Sylar/Elle. Claire/Peter. Hiro-Ando. Nathan-Peter. Jack/Kate/Sawyer. Charlie/Claire. Boone-Shannon. John-Ben. Hugo-Charlie. Hugo/Libby. Danielle-Sayid. Juliet/Sawyer. Desmond-Charlie. Desmond/Penny. Dean-Sam. Bobby/Hellen. Dean/Jo. Ruby/Sam. Castiel-Dean. Anna/Dean. Chloe-Clark. Clark/Lois. Chloe/Jimmy. Horatio/Yelina. Ryan-Eric. Calleigh/Jake. Mac/Stella. Danny-Flack. Sid-Danny. Danny/Lindsay. House-Wilson. House/Cuddy. House/Cameron. House-13. Wilson/Amber. Izzie/Denny. Rory-Lorelay. Lorelay/Luke. Lucas/Peyton. Nathan/Haley. Karen/Keith. Jake/Peyton. Brooke-Peyton. Brooke/Julian. Ross/Rachel. Chandler/Monica. Chandler-Joey. Rachel/Joshua. Phoebe/Mike. Richard/Monica. Piper/Leo. Phoebe/Cole. Phoebe/Coop. Seth/Summer. Ryan/Taylor. Seth/Anna. Merlin-Arthur. Morgana-Uther. Gwen-Merlin. Gwen/Arthur. Morgana/Arthur. Serena/Dan. Chuck/Blair. Nathan/Jenny. Will/Emma. Puck/Quinn. Payson/Sasha. Stefan/Elena/Damon. Caroline/Matt.

Ships (RPF). Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman. Jensen Ackles/Jessica Alba. Dakota Fanning/Freddie Highmore. Ed Westwick/Leighton Meester. Zachary Quinto/Kirsten Bell. Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner. Jensen Ackles-Jared Padaleki. Hayden Panettiere/Milo Ventimiglia. Blake Lively/Penn Badgley. Hilarie Burton/Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Sophia Bush/Austin Nichols. Rachel McAdams/Ryan Gosling. Anne Hathaway/Jake Gyllenhaal.

Addicted to. PC. Supernatural. Music. I-pod. My Fan Fiction. Piano. YouTube. Twitter. Tumblr.

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Type 5 Detachment |||||||||||||||| 63%
Type 6 Anxiety |||||||||||||||||| 80%
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